​Sunday Services at 10:30

Every Sunday: Coffee and TeaFellowship following Worship at 10:30. 

February 11th - Quinquagesima

February 13th - Shrove Tuesday

February 14th - AshWednesday

February 18th - Lent I

February 24th - St. Matthias

February 25th - Lent II

​March 4th - Lent III

​March 11th - Lent IV

​March 18th - Passion Sunday  

March 25th - Palm Sunday;

​                   Annunciation

​April 1st - Easter

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at church - 6 pm

Ash Wednesday Services - 12 and  7 pm


Evening Vespers 4th Tuesday in February and

2nd Tuesday in March - 6 pm


Transition Team
Lee Hadden, Sr. Warden
Aaron Levine, Jr. Warden
Mary Boitnott, Vestry Member
Pat Smith, Treasurer

Clemmitt Sigler, Secretary​
Linda.Thompson, Member
Ted Falls, Member
Richard Workowski, Pastoral Advisor

Covenant Reformed Episcopal Church

6429 Merriman Road

Roanoke, VA 24018


Rev. Richard Workowski

Email: pava@lumos.net

​​​​The Bishop's Council

Lee Hadden, Senior Warde​n
Aaron Levine, Junior Warden

Mary Boitnott
Karen March
Marion Rierson


Treasurer: Pat Smith

Secretary: Clemmitt Sigler

Sacristan: Aaron Levine

Organist/Pianist: Nina Coconcelli


Fr. Richard Workowski has been appointed by Bishop Daniel R. Morse to as Interim Vicar of Covenant Church.

Traditional Anglican Faith, Prayer Book, Worship, and Life 

Fr. Richard (Rich) Workowski, Interim Vicar (C)

Mr.Clemmitt Sigler, Licensed Lay Reader (R)