Covenant Reformed Episcopal Church





​Sunday Services at 10:30

Every Sunday: Coffee and TeaFellowship  following Worship at 10:30 am

Tai Chi Tuesdays at 10:30 am

March 5th - Shrove Tuesday

March 6th  - Ash Wednesday

March 10th - Lent I

March 17th  - Lent II

March 24th - Lent III

March 25th - Annunciation

March 31st  -Lent IV

April 7th - Lent V

April 14th - Palm Sunday

April 18th - Maundy Thursday

April 19th - Good Friday

April 20th - Easter Eve

April 21st - Easter Sunday

April 25th - St. Mark

April 28th - Easter I

May 1st - St. Philip and St. James

​May 5th - Easter II

May 12th - Easter III

May 19th - Easter IV

May 26th - Easter V (Rogation Sunday)

May 30th - Ascension

​June 2nd - Sunday after Ascension

​June 9th - Whitsunday




Father John-Scott Moir - Assisting (not pictured)

Traditional Anglican Faith, Prayer Book, Worship, and Life 

Fr. Richard Workowski, Vicar (L)

Father Mel Williams - Assisting (not pictured)

Mr. Clemmitt Sigler, Licensed Lay Reader (R)

Covenant Reformed Episcopal Church

6429 Merriman Road

Roanoke, VA 24018


Rev. Richard Workowski


​​​​​​The Bishop's Council

Lee Hadden, Senior Warde​n
Aaron Levine, Junior Warden

Mary Boitnott
Karen March
Marion Rierson (Emerita)

James Lee

Linda Thompson


Treasurer: Pat Smith

Secretary: Clemmitt Sigler

Sacristan: Aaron Levine

Organist/Pianist: Nina Coconcelli

Crucifer: Edward (Eddie) Jacobs