.Covenant Reformed Episcopal Church
6429 Merriman Road
Roanoke, VA 24018

Rev. Richard Workowski
Email: pava@lumos.net

   Lee Hadden, Member of Both SCV and SUV

At Memorial Day Ceremony

Jr. Warden Aaron Levine

with Angela and Joan

Fr. Rich Greeting Parishoners


Bp. Morse Threatened with Martyrdom

Joan Workowski and Asssistant Ed Jacobs "Cooking"

Norma Palmore and Mary Boitnott "Painting"

Lee Hadden, Fr. Rich,. and Ted Falls "Working"

John and Mary Boitnott at his Graduation from JMU

Angela Jasper Sang at National Day of Prayer

‚ÄčFr. Rich Workowski and Former Sr. Warden Norm Jasper at National Day of Prayer