Covenant Reformed Episcopal Church
6429 Merriman Road

Roanoke, VA 24018


Greeting Teressa Lee following Institution

With Bp. Morse at Bp. Manto's Consecration

Regularization: Bp. Dan and Marianne with Susan and Bill

Regularization: Bp. Morse and Fr. Bill 

Institution:  ​Fr. Bill with Junior Warden Aaron Levine and Senior Warden Norm Jasper

Bill and Susan

Fr. Bill's Institution with Bp. Morse and Fr. Workowski

Son Calvin and Grandsons Josh and Jackson

Our Vicar, the Rev. William H. Smith, is a native of Pensacola Florida. Bill and his wife Susan have been married since 1969 and have five sons and fourteen grandchildren.  He graduated from Pensacola High School (1965), attended Belhaven College (1965-66) and Pensacola Junior College (1966-67), graduated fom the University of West Florida (1969), and graduated from Reformed Theological seminary (1972). He was ordained in 1972 by the Presbyterian Church in the United States and in 1973 moved to the newly formed Presbyterian Church in America.  Bill served as a Presbyerian minister for 41 years in Florida, Mississippi, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Alabama as a solo pastor, campus minster,  assistant pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor. Bill and Susan moved to Roanoke in June of 2013 to be with and help their widowed son and his two sons.  Fr. Bill was received by Bishop Daniel Morse as a Presbyter into the Diocese of the Central States of the Reformed Episcopal Church on November 4, 2013, and his orders were regularized by Bishop Morse on December 8, 2013. He began serving as an unofficial assistant to the Interim Rector of Covenant Church, Fr. Richard Workowski, in March of  2014. In due course he was called to serve as Vicar of Covenant Church, and the call received approval form the Standing Committe and Bishop Morse.  Bishop Morse instituted him as Vicar or May 17, and Fr. Smith assumed his duties officially on June 1. Asked why wanted to be an Anglican and to serve Covenant Church, Fr. Smith said: "I love the Prayer Book,  the Articles,  Thomas Cranmer and the English martyrs, and the pastoral way that Episcopal oversight is exercised. I have known Bp. Morse and his wife, Mariane, since 1965, have deeply appreciated their friendship and now am happy to have his oversight as my Bishop.  I also admire greatly the example of pastoral service and the patient mentorship of me by Fr. Rich. I have come to love the people of the parish and look forward to ministering with and to them and to seeing how the Lord may be pleased to bless us."

​Our Vicar Fr. Bill Smith